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My name's Nikki and I'm 16.
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the one thing that pisses me off most on this website is reposting, is it too hard to click the reblog button and go about your day, nO SO DONT REPOST THINGS BC THE MAKERS SPENT THEIR OWN TIME AND ENERGY MAKING IT

Like we all had to go through the pain of learning how to make things so you can fucking do it to or you can just hit Reblog.

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SOO I think I know what I wanna do for my best friends birthday.

I wanna get a jar or something with a picture of us on it and have a bunch of notes with inside jokes and compliments and just stuff we say to each other. Then I wanna get a shit ton of Candy she likes and maybe some other small things and put it in a basket around the jar. Does that sound like a good idea?

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A Very Potter Sequel - Act 1 Part 5


when you’re on tumblr and your parents won’t stop walking into your room


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The Vampire Diaries Parody by The Hillywood Show

GET TO KNOW ME  →  Movies [2/5]

   ↳ Matilda

Imagine walking a trail with your friends and you fall into this deep black hole and all your friends are still walking, they haven’t even noticed you’ve fallen and the only person that can help you is yourself. Every day you try to climb out but it seems you just keep falling deeper. Eventually you give up and you stop trying to get up because every time you try it seems to get worse. You’ve given up trying and depression just consumes you.  [Video]

What not to say to youtubers


Conversations with my family.

Brother: I think being gay is just a lazy excuse.
Me: What do you mean?
Brother: I think they just couldn't get with any girls so they gave up and went for guys.
Me: Yes because they woke up one day and said "Wow I've been single so long. Might as well just move on to sucking dick and taking it in the ass."
Mom: She has a point.
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