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My name's Nikki and I'm 17.
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I like talking to people on tumblr even if they don’t reply because it’s like “yes hello I’m here, I’m listening to you.”.

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Straight Male youtuber: Why do gay youtubers get more love then us?
Straight Male youtuber: *manipulates females*
Straight Male youtuber: I just don't get it they can't have them anyways.
Straight Male youtuber: *makes jokes about women's rights*
Straight Male youtuber: Like really they should just be in love with me.
Straight Male youtuber: *talks about women like they are objects*
Straight Male youtuber: It just makes no sense.
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*Casually falls out of love with youtube.*

I’m tired of hearing about youtubers who have done terrible things and get no consequences. Youtube needs to take control and terminate all the channels that belong to these people. They do not deserve to be on such an amazing platform as youtube and they do not deserve the support. Many young people watch these videos and they look up to the creators. Basically you’re telling males it’s okay to do bad things because you won’t really get punished and telling females that if you speak up about anything you will get yelled at and told off. It makes me feel sick.

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Anonymous: what did shane do??

People were calling him out on something called blackface.

Blackface as described by Urban Dictionary:

When white actors would paint their faces black to resemble black people. Accompanied by a performance stereotyping them as buffoons.

Here’s his apology in case you were wondering.

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I have difficulty not screaming at people who categorize Shane Dawson with Sam Pepper and Nash Grier. Yes Shane did something wrong but unlike Nash and Sam he fully admitted to it, took the videos down and he didn’t try to cover it up with some lame ass excuse.

It sucks knowing your favorite youtuber could be a terrible person. Like no matter how much you think you know them they could be hiding a completely different life from all their viewers.

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Sam Pepper RESPONSE: "Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank"
Doctors: Teenagers brains don't fully work until 10am.
Schools: Let's start at 8.
Doctors: But-
Schools: Ya 8 sounds good.
Doctors: ...
Schools: Why are all these students failing?
Schools: Why are they always so tired?
Schools: Why is everyone so stressed out?
Doctors: Fuck you.
Students: I wanna die.
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A Very Potter Sequel - Act 1 Part 5
The Vampire Diaries Parody by The Hillywood Show