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My name's Nikki and I'm 17.
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nathanielchan98: omg you've met so many Youtubers...YOU WERE EVEN IN A HARRIES TWINWICH (a hot twin sandwich). LIFE GOALS YOU ROCK CONGRATS.

I’m honestly so lucky that my parents have enough money to take my places. Never loose hope and never stop begging. Depending we’re you live, you could save up your own money for a convention.

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I have about 4 really popular posts so to the person who accused me of stealing theirs, I’m sorry if the post is similar to yours but I’m really not at the point were I feel I’d need to steal another persons post for my own success.

They showed a video of Shay picking Charles up so Shay decided he wanted to try it again on stage.

Did I mention that shay called me sparkles ^-^

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I sort of attacked him because they said “no hugs” but I was getting my hug. He’s like a teddy bear omg. Sadly the meet up was more rushed then the jacksgap meet up so I didn’t get to say like anything.

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grasersbae thank you so much Winnie!!!!

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They are such great people and they also said I give great hugs! Heck yes it’s official.

Just met Swoozie!! He’s such an amazing, nice person omg. He told me I give great hugs!